Guess who made the front and back cover of a back written by a sub of course 😈 my kinky slut LoveJoy

2018 here I come!

Hello viewers, it’s definitely been a while. One of my resolutions is to blog more 😊 anywho how’s everyone? Well it’s a new year so u know the whole “new year new me” thing is in affect lol… Well I’m working with fantasy makers now so that’s something new that I’m excited about, also been doing a lot of writing, working on a hit story starring me 😈great things to come this year, stay tuned #AQ


IMAG0245I believe my hearing is the first thing that wakes up in the morning lol, I like to sleep close to a cracked window because I get hot during the night, anywho as I’m wakening in the morning I hear all the early birds up wondering about in the neighborhood. Your can hear their convos as they walk by or those from the neighborhood. Friends gossiping, couples arguing, children whining and playing, cars flying by with their booming systems 😝 I sometimes like to just lay here and ear hustle hahaa try to put a face on the voice or visualize the situation they speak of, I sometimes hear some juicy stories lol. I wonder subs, what is it that u think about when your in my presence, bound and blindfolded? Are u getting a mind visual? Wonder what mistress has up her sleeve? Or just plan scared to death 😈 Ehh who knows, wakey bakey πŸ’‹πŸ’¨

My first blog…

IMAG0316Well.. just testing this thing out, how’s my ppl out there? Anything exciting and wild happening tonight or should I say this am lol, I tend to always happen apon something wild and exciting 😊 but at this very moment I’m just laying here typing this and blowing some good old 420 πŸ’‹πŸ’¨ later for now…